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Soulful Purpose

LogoThe vision of SoulSong Enterprises began to manifest in 2003 when Sharon Sofia began to write and illustrate her first two inspired children’s books, My Guardian Angel and The Angels Among Us. These books were written to foster each child’s innate spiritual wisdom. Sharon Sofia's intention was to publish each book with a selection of different languages ~Reaching Every Child~. She also had many ideas about interactive companion products for her books that would be developmentally engaging. Simultaneously evolving was the quest to cultivate prospects that would afford women living in isolated and impoverished communities the ability to create positive change in their lives and their children’s lives. As a single mother raising 5 sons, Sharon Sofia empathized from a deep personal place the emotional struggle that can accompany the inability to provide opportunities that can help further the dreams and ambitions of a child. Out of her desire to support every child’s connection to Spirit and to provide encouragement and assistance to mothers less fortunate than herself emerged SoulSong Enterprises ~the song of Sharon Sofia’s own soul.

SoulSong Enterprises is comprised of two divisions: SoulSong Publishing, a profitable venture and SSEGO; SoulSong Enterprises Global Outreach Foundation, a charitable non profit organization. While each division has specific objectives, together they support the overall objectives of SoulSong Enterprises.

SoulSong Enterprises vision encompasses the following objectives:

SoulSong Publishing™ (a trademark affiliate of SoulSong Enterprises) objectives include:

A minimum of 10% of all SoulSong Publishing’s proceeds go to the continued efforts of SSEGO; SoulSong Enterprises Non Profit Global Outreach division.

SSEGO; SoulSong Enterprises Non Profit, as the charitable division of SoulSong encompasses the following objectives: