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Connecting Children to Spirit and each other Globally

Books published through SoulSong Publishing are created to support the child's connection to Spirit and each other globally. These wonderful multilingual books entertain the young child with stories that honor their deepest memories and relationship to Spirit. The beautiful water color illustrations are painted with loving intention to reflect the divine message of each story and to be treasured by the child in us all.

Enjoy reading the forward to My Guardian Angel by Rahima Baldwin Dancy, early childhood specialist and author. NOTES TO READERS is translated from English into the six languages featured in the first edition printing. Select language :

English | Spanish | Italian | Portuguese
Norwegian | German | French

My Guardian Angel book coverMy Guardian Angel book

My Guardian Angel supports the young child's relationship to their special companion in Spirit. In addition to English the rhythmical text includes Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, German & French. Each book is accompanied by an audio CD featuring a reading of the entire text in all of the languages.

8.5" x 11" Hardcover w/ cloth spine, $17.95


Seven select illustrations from My Guardian Angel are also available as a greeting card set. See greeting card set

My Guardian Angel book coverThe Angels Among Us;
A Journal & A Story

The Angels Among is a very special story that is also a journal. The story is written in poetic verse, including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German. Blank pages are inserted for inspirational journaling. Enjoy filling its pages with thoughts, dreams, memories, drawings and daily affirmations that lift your spirit and give song to your soul.


7" x 9" Hardcover w/ cloth spine, $14.95
The Angels Among Us; A Journal & A Story, the companion book to My Guardian Angel.


Seven select illustrations from The Angels Among Us are also available as a greeting card set. See greeting card set

Upcoming books available through SoulSong Publishing include:

My Rainbow Within is the story of two children's adventurous journey discovering the qualities of the seven chakras, those special places within where the physical and spiritual come together.

Our Hands are for Loving What are our hands for? Our hands are for loving! This book encourages thoughtfulness and consideration through illustrations and poetry.

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