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Soulsong Enterprises Global Outreach Foundation (SSEGO)

Earth WomanSSEGO was founded as the non profit division of SoulSong Enterprises (SSE) on April 6, 2006 through the office of the secretary of state of Colorado. SSEGO is a member of the Non Profit Association of Colorado. 

This division was established to assist in the funding and development of cottage industry business opportunities for women globally.

SoulSong Enterprises’ Global Outreach contributes product ideas and establishes sustainable training programs and personnel that instruct in product creation. The product ideas supplied are companion products complementing Sharon Sofia’s book themes, furthering SS Enterprises’ vision to support the young child’s innate spiritual wisdom. These products include handmade dolls, games, toys, cards and puzzles.

The "Special Companion" dolls originally available on this website, handmade by Sharon Sofia, were the first products introduced for cottage industry business development. The "Special Companion" dolls are now authentically created in Costa Rica, Panama and Africa, reflecting each culture’s unique colors, fabrics and style. Some of the future countries include Mexico, Brazil and Thailand.

Girl with dollsAlthough the product ideas supplied are companion products complementing book themes, the businesses are independently owned by the communities of women who produce these products, with the continued support of SoulSong Enterprises. SSE markets and sells these products on its website and through other affiliated market opportunities, but maintains no financial entitlement above and beyond marketing and distribution costs. All other expenses are raised through specific fundraising events and donations.

Training programs consist of bridging local and non local resources, as well as establishing support and training personnel that instruct in product creation.

All monetary donations received through this website, fundraising events and otherwise acquired are directed toward SSE Global Outreach division to help assist women in need of opportunity.

All donations are tax deductible and guaranteed to further the objectives of SoulSong Enterprises Global Outreach division. It is our understanding that when even one soul is left to struggle, on some level we all participate in, and perpetuate that struggle. Through our individual and collective contributions the creation of paradise on earth will prevail.

FOUNDER - SoulSong Is No Longer The Becoming Of A Life's Vision, But A Vision That Has Become My Life! - Sharon Sofia

SoulSong Enterprises is the joyful song of Sharon Sofia’s own soul. Sharon has over 30 years experience as the mother of 5 son’s, a midwife and early childhood teacher. She writes and illustrates multilingual children’s books that support the child’s innate spiritual wisdom. She currently gives workshops in North, South and Central America on “Fostering the Young Child’s Connection to Spirit”. She travels globally to organize and establish cottage industry businesses for women in need of opportunity.


We work in cooperation with...

SoulSong Global Outreach Foundation (SSEGO) works cooperatively with The Humanitarian Foundation of Costa Rica based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our sister organization, The Global Culture of Women (GCW) provides SoulSong its 501c3 status. All donations are tax deductible through our umbrella relationship with GCW.

Adam Johnson of Boulder Colorado donates his time and web skills to SoulSong. He is one of our primary “Guardian Angels”. His wonderful and skilled efforts have given SoulSong’s website the beautiful and professional quality that we feel thrilled to share with our viewer’s world wide.